Sometimes We Need a Little Extra Help.

We understand that pets can be expensive. We understand that sometimes you need help cleaning […]

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Never Too Old to Find New Friends

From companionship to security, pets can provide a better quality of life. Companion Connections senior […]

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Welcome to Companion Connections

In-Home Senior Pet Care Program

Senior to Senior Pet Adoption Program

Foster & Emergency Care Program

Pet Therapy Program for Seniors

Pet Loss & Grief Counseling Program


Some of my fondest memories are of my elderly parents’ and the antics they do with their pets. It was in the summer of 2017 that my animal loving brother brought two kittens to my parents’ home. My mother, wheelchair bound, found new energy. She loves holding the independent Mishi, curling up on her lap. My father, who found his best friend in Tigger; talking to him, holding conversations with him, and working through his frustrations with him. Tigger calms him down and keeps him centered. Throughout the years, these two little bundles have brought so much joy to my parents’ life, redefining their purpose, mentally stimulating them, and bringing back much needed activity into their lives.

Regardless of age, pets bring us joy, love, and companionship. They inspire us each and every day, they positively impact our health and can change how we see the world. As years pass, we found our elderly parents no longer able to keep up with pet maintenance and the monetary burden of vet care. Therefore, all of us siblings found ourselves coordinating financial support and chores so that they could keep their loving charges. It was during this time that I realized that there were many other pet loving seniors, some of whom did not have family or support, who needed a touch of the ‘extra’ when it came to their pets. Hence, Companion Connections was born. Born out of our love for both seniors and their companions.